I’m Dana: mother of four young kids and bass guitar player, from Kansas.

I love to write.  I enjoy talking with other moms about life, lessons, and grace. Kids offer a lot: love, laughter, and endless challenges that change at every turn. The parenting community can be one of gracious support – in prayer, laughter, and similar stories to let you know you are not alone in motherhood. It is my hope that my blog offers such a community to moms (and dads).

I love to share my parenting adventures, which sometimes display what I feel as parenting-failures. I always focus on the positive side of every circumstance and find the lesson that God is trying to teach me. This will appear in the stories I tell.

I love to share what God can teach us along each adventure we face: parenthood, marriage, friendship, and life overall. God is in every moment, and I look for Him there. If we have coffee and you share with me your story, I will look for God in your moments, too.

Busy mother of four. Creative. Insightful. Lover of music, sunsets, and laughter.