The 17-year Cicada

My kids love cicadas. LOVE THEM.

They were screaming with GLEE when they discovered the 17-year-cicada in the woods yesterday.

Have you seen them? They are pretty cool.



They have been hibernating underground for 17 years. So, you can literally see hundreds of holes where they have emerged.


Do you wonder if they go into hibernation and question, “Why are we doing this?”

Probably not. I think they trust their instincts. After 17 years in hibernation, they emerge, shed their shells (that litter the woods), and go to work eating sap.

God’s creation is pretty cool.


Despite our crazy rain, the kids and I have been getting out and enjoying nature. The kids are glad for new rainboots, which I have put off buying in the past. Because I don’t like to buy things we don’t need or won’t use. With the daily rain lately, I figured it was time for rainboots. And my kids are breaking them in well.


Have you seen the cicadas yet?

I found this article that will explain more about the cicadas.


  1. I have never seen a cicada bug before. Sounds like fun!

    • They are very LOUD in the trees. I can’t even describe what they sound like. I’ll bet there’s a youtube video of them out there that you could listen to them. The 17-year cicada looks different than the ones we usually have around here. But they all sound the same. And it’s almost deafening this year!

  2. We had all the cicadas two summers ago…and I got a pic of two “kissing!” Will send it to you for your kids. #RaRaLinkup

    • Love that picture! What a GREAT capture of them! I didn’t get great photos. Thanks for sharing, Sheila!

  3. Had never seen a cicada before, I’d love to see them after waking up of that long nap!

    • Lily, The link at the bottom of the post gives some great info and pictures. They are so cool! I had two crawling on my arm (on accident). Though I was freaking out inside, my kids loved it.

  4. I find it absolutely endearing that your kids love these insects that most people are annoyed by. It is pretty fascinating that the hibernate for so long. I didn’t know this. Thanks for making me smile today. :-)

    • My kids have taught me a lot about enjoying things that most people overlook. I love that about being a parent.
      Thanks for reading, Abby!


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