To The Stressed Mama

To The Stressed Mama

To the Stressed Mama:

Give That Worry to Someone Who Doesn’t Sleep


I see you there. You’re taking a break from your chaos of dishes, laundry, and children to browse the internet. You stumbled here. I’m so glad you did, because I want to tell you something important.

You’re doing great.


Now, breathe for real, because I know you didn’t just then. Breathe. In. Out.

Something else I want to tell you that is super important: God’s got this.

God’s got you. God’s got your kids. God’s got your finances. God’s got your spouse (not necessarily by the throat).  God’s got it all. In His hands. Always working. Always planning. Always loving. That’s How He rolls.

I’ll tell you how I know: Because God doesn’t sleep.

Shocking, right? But, the Bible states clearly that He doesn’t sleep.

Psalm 121: 1-5 says,

 “I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;

From where shall my help come?

My help comes from the LORD,

Who made heaven and earth.

He will not allow your foot to slip;

He who keeps you will not slumber.

Behold, He who keeps Israel

Will neither slumber nor sleep.

The LORD is your keeper;

The LORD is your shade on your right hand.”


I could probably get more work done if I didn’t require sleep. (My kids must think I don’t need sleep, since they wake me at all hours of the night – every night.) But, I require sleep. If I don’t have it, I am a big pile of grumpiness.

God created the entire world and everything in it (to the tiniest details of pollination and photosynthesis and … slugs). He created you and your entire world around you.

I suppose that compared to the creation of the world, helping me with my tiny problems is no big deal to God.

God knows what you deal with: cranky kids, endless to-do lists, feeling like not enough, distant spouse, financial issues, divorce, family problems, etc. God knows.

And your help comes from Him.

We can trust in the living God, who does not sleep, to rescue us and keep our feet sturdy. He will not allow any evil to harm those who call on Him.

So, as you rest here for a moment, and prepare to go back to your crazy life, please take that small truth with you. God cares about you and all you’re doing. You are important. You are so important that God does not sleep in order to keep you safe and protected.

Now, go back to life with your chin up. God is with you, watching out for you every minute. Give your stress (and everything) to Him, because He’s got this.

God doesn't sleep

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  1. Dana, this is perfect! I may not have small children at home, but I still have things that stress me. You’ve given us all a good reminder that God doesn’t need sleep. He never sleeps. He is always caring for us and has all the answers even if we don’t. We need to learn to trust and relax and not worry. But that’s hard, isn’t it? We want to be in control, but how much better to follow His leading knowing that He’s got everything under control. Blessings to you, dear one! xo

    • Thank you, Gayl! It was a cool truth to read this week!

  2. Thank you, Dana! Thank you for talking to God, listening to Him, and sharing it with us. This is JUST what I needed and He has been telling me this in the last week. This morning at Bible Study He told me and now I’m hearing it again through your post. I choose to listen and act on those promises – that He sees and He’s got this (that thing I keep trying to figure out, lose sleep over, and grieve about…). The reminder that He’s not sleeping anyway, allows me to give it to Him and let go. I’ll get some sleep, as He’s up anyway – taking care of it all! 😉

    • Thank you, SK! I absolutely love it when God has been telling me something quietly and then I encounter the same thing in several different places. It is so validating to me that I was really hearing Him! I’m glad that I could be used by God in that way. Another friend brought the scripture to my attention this week, and it just struck me! Praise God for people reaching out to one another with His word!

  3. Oh dana great job! What a wonderful connection! You are so right while I saw that God was the maker of all and that as the designer of all he has everything under his control ultimately as long as we are willing to surrender to him. As his children we have nothing to fear and nothing worry about. You saw he was alway doing this. The peace of God not slumbering gives such a peace! Thank you Dana!

    • All because you had to text me at 5:20 in the morning! Haha! Thanks, friend!

  4. Ever thankful our God doesn’t sleep, but I sometimes need reminded. You’ve posted a good reminder and encouragement for both trust and continuing to run the race well, Dana. Thank you! Visiting today via #Woman2WomanWednesday.

    • Thanks for reading, Kristi! This was a great reminder for me this week, and I just had to share it! I’m glad it blessed you!

  5. Oh Dana, if you only knew how much I needed this. I’m sitting down with my ham sandwich, after making and re-making sandwiches for two children. Just finished listening to tears and whines and now just need to be fed…in every way…myself. Your post just did that. Thank you for the reminder that “God’s got this.” Yes, He does. Amen. He does. xoxo

    • Meredith, I am blessed that this blessed you today. I need this reminder weekly that God’s got it all. He really does. I just usually make my problems “too big for God to be able to handle.” Then I worry and fret. When God is probably sitting back watching me with that look on his face. You know the look we give our kids when they are trying to do something they obviously can’t do on their own. It was a new insight to me that God doesn’t sleep. Wow! He takes care of it all, so I can get some rest. It takes an old passage to a new meaning: “Abide in Christ.” So glad you got to eat today, too! 😉

  6. What a great reminder to breathe. Recently my son was sick and I was so worried and feeling down. My friend texted me this, “More hands than yours are holding him.” Brought me to tears, and your post reminded me of it. Thanks for your words today!

    • Jenni, I’m so sorry your son was sick. Those days seem to last forever! I hope he is doing better now. Praying for you today, friend.

  7. Dana, you’ve quoted my favorite scripture of all time… Psalm 121… it’s my go-to chapter and I love all the promise tucked inside it! I read a quote the other day by Victor Hugo that said, “Sleep in peace, God is awake.” And I thought, yes! No greater truth for some days.
    I like how you asked us to stop and really breathe… I’ve been going strong all day trying to catch up with some things and your words gave me a much needed pause in the middle.
    God will use your words to give someone some much needed peace today! Blessings, girl, on you and your fam!

    • Thank you, Christine. Your recent post has stuck with me this week! Thanks for reading!!

  8. That was really beautiful! I never really thought about God not sleeping but it a good reminder HE is taking care of me.

    • Thank you, Melissa!

  9. Ugh how this touches my soul! I haven’t had a full night’s sleep for over two years and I can feel it… hitting my nerves by the afternoon, the ache in my bones when I wake to the light in my window after only a few short hours of real rest. Mainly because I have an infant, errrr toddler, who doesn’t yet sleep through the night, but also because of the things I just HAVE to get done. I needed this reminder that God has got it ALL and I don’t have to worry… <3

    • Oh, I hear the cry of your heart! I have had very little sleep for 7 years! Just in the last 3 months, it has gotten better. (Except my daughter wakes me at 4am And my other daughter wakes up at 5-5:30 I soooooo feel your pain. It is difficult mentally to survive with so little sleep. I am praying for you today. (Right now, actually)

  10. Hi Dana! Thank you for your beautiful post! Your words gently touch our busy souls with the peace of God. Our God is always on the job… He never leaves or takes a break or sleeps! Praise Him! Oh the peace that comes from Jesus!
    keep writing and shining for Him!
    Love Danise

    • Thanks, Danise. God is “always on the job” I love that phrase!! :)

  11. Dana, it seems like God has a sense of humor here. He is like, “Even though you may think it, I am not asleep.” Thanks God, we really did need to hear this. And thank you Dana for impressing this truth on my heart. He is always aware, watching and caring. What an honor this is to have a God who loves us so!! TY Jesus! Great words of encouragement and love. Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

    • Thank you, Kelly. Thanks for being a reader and cheering!! :)

  12. What a nice post to stumble upon when you’re having a bad day. Thanks for sharing #ConfessionsLinkUp

    • Thanks, Amy!


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