To You, Mama

To You, Mama

To You, Mom:

I want to talk to the Mamas out there.

You know who you are. You feel like a failure.

Yes, you. I see you. You’re holding back tears, trying to fold laundry, remembering that the kids need to be fed, and feeling overwhelmed.

I see you.

God sees you.

You are not alone.

Your value is not in completing to-do lists, or money, or well-behaved children.

Your value is found in Christ. And He sees you as a beautiful daughter, full of life and joy. Christ sees you as complete, because He made you complete.

Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

Whatever you do. Everything you do. Do it for Christ. And He sees it ALL.

Cleaning toilets. Washing allllllllll those clothes. Sweeping floors. Wiping bottoms. Feeding mouths. Reading books. Washing dishes.

Do it ALL for Christ.

I had a day recently when I felt invisible — flat-out worthless. No one was listening. No one was picking up their messes. I was behind with laundry AND dishes. I watched my kids play, and I wanted to join in, but I held myself back. I felt my joy deplete as I thought about my mound of To-Do. It felt like that mound was going to swallow me up.

I regret my attitude that day. I missed out. I resolved not to miss out again.

My attitude changed, and today, while I felt overwhelmed at times, I stayed focused on Christ and working for Him.

So, friend, I know where you are. It hurts. It’s lonely. It’s exhausting.

It feels worthless.

It isn’t.

What you do, Mom, is worth  more than anything on the planet. So, Keep Doing It. You are not failing. You are Awesome.

And remember to take time out to play, too. Because play is important. And your family needs to know how truly awesome you are (and not just awesome at cleaning, cooking, etc).

Go and be Awesomely you today.






  1. Beautiful, Dana. A great message to help moms (and the rest of us) focus on the important, not the urgent.

    • Thank you!

  2. Hi Dana,
    So glad to have connected via Twitter. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement to a mother’s heart. I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed with everyday busyness all too well. I have seven children, and the laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. Never. Ends. Ever. But that does not define us. And it IS noticed. And appreciated. Thanks for the reminder to do all things as unto Christ. A change of perspective truly changes everything!

    • Thank, Kamea. I loved your blog today as well. What you do IS so important! And 7? Wow!! You are totally busy!! Good job, Mama!!!

  3. Dana as always just what we need to hear when we need to hear it. You are so encouraging!Thanks for letting God speak to us through you!

    • Thanks, Hannah. Love that it encourages you!

  4. This is one of those posts to print off and hang on the fridge! What you write is so true. Grateful for your words of encouragement today!

    • I’m blushing, Jenni. Thank you so much for such kind words.

  5. Dana, this was post perfection! I love your heart for ministering to hardworking Moms who rarely get the recognition and appreciation that they deserve. I pray that you will be blessed in all that you do for having such a pure and sincere heart. Infinite blessings to you, Love! :-)

    #RaRaLinkup 😉

    • Thank you, Tai. Your encouraging words mean so much.

  6. “You’re not failing. You’re awesome.”
    I pray every sweet mama is drinking that in right now. He knows we’re human, and He knows our loved ones inside out, and where we lack, He is their everything!
    Such an encouraging post today, wandered over during the #RaRaLinkup 😉 Have an awesome day, Dana!

    • Thanks, Christine. Always love your comments. I hope you had an awesome day!!

  7. Dana,
    Mommas need to hear this. I feel like an invisible dumb waiter sometimes. A means to an end. But in CHRIST, we know better don’t we? Thanks for this reminder!

    • Sometimes, we get blinded by the flesh and what it wants. And what it says (that we are invisible and worthless). With Christ, our worth is far more than rubies. I hope you had a great day! Thanks for reading today!

  8. Dana, this is great! Now when you face a day where you feel overwhelmed, you can come back and read it as a pep talk to yourself! Motherhood is Hard. Work. But oh so rewarding. We just need a good reminder every now and then that our work is not unseen by God. He knows how hard it is and He is there for us.

  9. I wish I had blogs like this when I was raising my (now grown) children. We didn’t even have cell phones until my kids were teenagers (gasp)! There are so many great resources now, like this great post, that encourage moms who feel like no one notices, no one cares, and no one realized how alone they feel. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I love the pink baseball mitt, and the tutus!

    • Thanks for reading, Mary!

  10. Dana,
    This was the smile I needed today. Thank you! I will stop and savor life, even in the middle of the chaotic mess. Because you are right, it is beautiful! And I’ll go be awesome, if you do too!

    • Agreed! Thanks, Brandi!!

  11. Love.
    Sharing. :)
    Thanks for posting this encouraging word!


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